(Skyward Sword) The Goddess Trials, Chapter 3: Din’s Power (AU)


(Note: This is an alternate universe reimagining of the Silent Realm trials. This chapter also contains a scene of torture and some violence. Later chapters will contain Zelink.)

If Link had been told beforehand that he would have found Nayru’s Flame on an ancient ship floating about in a massive, literal sea of sand, he would have balked at the idea - and yet, that was precisely where his journey had taken him next.  Though it had taken quite a bit of searching through open water (sand?), a pirate’s fortress, and even a rickety old mine cart track, he finally managed to find the old ship, rescue its crew, and claim the second sacred flame as his.  After a somewhat bittersweet goodbye to the crewmen and their captain - he knew, after all, that they would cease to be as soon as the timeshift stone’s effects wore off - Link returned to the sky to learn the melody that would lead to his third and, hopefully, final trial.

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